Episode 2 文雅伶-傾聽孩子的方法

在節目的第二集, 我訪問的廣播節的得獎人-文雅伶。雅伶有三個孩子, 自己也在佳音電台的節目”愛在一起”談論親子教育。在節目中, 雅伶分享了她三個孩子在家教育的真實生活, 品格教育的實踐, 以及傾聽孩子的方法。我跟她的孩子最後也有一段訪談, 我真的可以感受到她的孩子對學習的熱誠與誠懇的態度。我相信, 這是來自於家庭的力量! 你不會想要錯過雅伶的分享, 因為她多年親子教育的經驗與智慧會讓你對教養有新的看見, 聽完了….我相信, 你會迫不及待的想要多花時間陪伴孩子, 傾聽孩子內心的聲音! Very Inspiring!



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祝福各位, 在聽完今天的訪談之後, 每天多花幾分鐘, 專注在孩子跟配偶的身上…聽聽孩子的話, 聽聽我們的另一半, 也聽聽自己內心的聲音, 我們下次空中再會。


One thought on “Episode 2 文雅伶-傾聽孩子的方法

  1. Shannon, your podcasts are wonderful. However, there are many issues and theological problems about Bill Gothard’s materials.
    Here is a site that discusses the theological problems: http://sonic.net/~boyett/OVERVIEW%20OF%20PROBLEMS.htm, there are many, many others.
    Many mainstream churches in the West consider him to be cult leader.
    For your info: http://www.chicagomag.com/Chicago-Magazine/July-2016/Institute-in-Basic-Life-Principles-Hinsdale/

    There are many other issues about Bill Gothard himself. The large homeschooling association HSDLA distanced itself from Gothard many years ago: https://world.wng.org/2014/08/homeschool_leader_disavows_patriarchy


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