Early Explorers 早期探險家

在哥倫布發現新大陸之後, 歐洲許多航海家陸續也都跟進要到新大陸去探險, 有的是為了要挖金, 有的是為了要殖民要土地。我們這個單元講到幾個航海家包含

Vasco Nunex de Balboa: 中美洲

Ferdinand Magellan: 繞地球一圈

Amerigo Vespucci: 南美洲

Juan Ponce deLeon: 佛羅里達州

Hernando De Soto: 南美洲



Read Aloud 親子共讀

*America the Beautiful chapter 7

*The Great Explorer


*Notebooking (5th grade)

*Essay writing-report on these explorers (5th grade-500 words)

*Copywork and Draw Book 2 (1st grade)

*Spelling (1st grade)

Literature Read alone or Read aloud 

*Exloration and Conquest

Craft/Project ideas

  1. Explorer’s spyglass
  2. Explorer’s hats
  3. Or any Lego project related to exploration





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