Colonial Times Unit Study

Colonial Times 發生大約在1565-1776 年, 從西班牙到了新大陸開始殖民, 到五月花船也來了, 殖民就成了一股風潮, 慢慢的新大陸的殖民成立了13個英國殖民地 (The 13 Colonies)


Read Aloud or Read Alone 親子共讀/自行閱讀

*America the Beautiful (我們的教材主軸)

*If You Lived in Colonial Times

Colonial times

*The New Americans: Colonial Times 1620-1689

The new american

*The Dreadful, Smelly Colonies

The dreadful smelly colonies

*Struggle for a Continent

Struggle for a continent

Literature 文學

*Finding Providence-Story of Roger William 

Roger William

*William Penn: Liberty and Justice for All 

William Penn

*The Matchlock Gun 小說

Matchlock gun

*The Witch of Blackbird Pond 小說

The witch of blackbiard pond


Writing 寫作

*Notebooking (5th grade): 將所讀作筆記

*Creative writing-An adventurous settlement story (大約500-700個字)

*Copywork and Draw Book 2 (1st grade)

Vocabulary 單字

這個網站 Mrs.Nogan’s Class有將The Witch of Blackbird Pond 的生字都列出來含解釋。



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