Ion 離子


Ion = When an Atom gain or lose an electron

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Ionic Bonding

Ionic bonding is the complete transfer of valence electron(s) between atoms. It is a type of chemical bond that generates two oppositely charged ions. In ionic bonds, the metal loses electrons to become a positively charged cation, whereas the nonmetal accepts those electrons to become a negatively charged anion.

舉例來說,Sodium (Na) 有11個電子, Chlorine (Cl)有17個…

Na 的 Valence Number +1, Chlorine’s Valence Number is -1.

所以Na 會想盡辦法把他多出來的一個電子塞給別的原子, 而Cl 會想盡辦法從別的原子偷走一個電子。當這兩個原子撞在一起, 就會互相吸引。成為NaCl

Na 原本Protons 有11個, 電子11個..走了一個電子, 電子就變成10個。Na 就變成 Positive charged ion, 也叫做Cation 陽離子。

Cl 原本Protons 17個, 電子17個。現在偷了一個電子過來, 電子變成18。Cl 變成Negative charged Ion, 也叫做Anion. 負離子

Ionic Bonding Part 2

Ionic Bonding Part 3


這是Ionic Bonding 的學習單

bonding practice both types

chbondionicIon Practice

Ion Practice

Ionic Bonding Worksheet with Answers


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