Geographical Features Around the World-South America

南美洲, 充滿神祕的熱帶雨林還有許多世界第一的地理景觀! 這些影片, 地圖是挑選過結合景觀, 旅遊, 環境議題, 新聞可以讓我們更認識南美洲!

Amazon River 世界上流量、流域最大、支流最多的河流。全長 6436 KM, 橫跨 Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guiana, Suriname and French Guiana.


The Amazon Rainforest

Andes Mountains

世界最長的山脈 7000 KM. 觀察一下這張地圖, 它橫跨了哪幾個國家呢?

Andes Mountains Map | Andes mountains, Andes, World geography

Mt.Aconcagua 6961 Meters

Angel Falls 世界最高的瀑布 3212 Feet

Drake Passage

1000 km wide connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans between Cape Horn (the southernmost point of South America) and the South Shetland Islands, situated about 100 miles (160 km) north of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Galapagos Island

Lake Titicaca

Orinoco River -Covers Venezuela and Columbia

Parana River -run through Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina 這是環境議題2021 九月的新聞

Parana River 新聞

Tierra del Fuego

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