Geographical Features around the World-USA

美國….我的第二個家, 有超多國家公園真的是彷彿天堂在地球的美….以下的影片是美國著名的景點跟地理名勝。我們一起去Explore!

影片共24個。 不趕時間…..慢慢enjoy! 我在欣賞影片時拿出地圖, 頓時…這些山河名稱位置不再難記, 更讓我對造物者產生更大的敬畏。Amazing….beautiful…magnificent!

Great Canyon (Colorado River)

Appalachian Range

North Cascades

Great Basin (你知道全世界還活著最老的樹就在Nevada Great Basin 嗎? Check out this video!)

Lake Huron


Denali (Mt.McKinley)

Rocky Mountains

Sierra Nevada

Brazos River

Chattahoochee River

Gila River

Green River Wyoming

Potomac River

Rio Grande River (這影片是新聞…海地難民從墨西哥跨河到美國邊境)

Rio Grande River

Roanoke River

Wabash River

Yellowstone National Park

Colorado River

Colorado River (由河流的角度來述說…它目前正面臨的環境議題…枯乾)

Mississippi River

St. Lawrence River (From Canada to USA)

Yukon River

Enjoy your virtual travel~ Be Amazed!

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