What Does it Mean to be Human

What does it mean to be human? 這是我常常問自己的問題, 也是我最近一直在反覆思考的事。如果教育不是為了上好大學找理想工作, 如果教育是為了活出真理, 良善, 跟美…那我必須找到成為「人」的價值 與意義。但這樣的問答, 若離了基督…我找不到解答。聽了很多 podcasts, 摺衣服的時候聽, 在廚房工作也聽, 我真的很想找到答案! 我有聽過人說學歷史是要避免重蹈覆轍, 學歷史要能批判性思考看多方的角度, 這些我都知道, 我也同意。但我始終覺得….不只是這些。History is way MORE than just becoming critical thinkers and avoiding repeated mistakes.



What Does it Mean to be Human

It means…

When we were once lost in our helpless state, God came and rescued us.

We are redeemed.

When we were in moments or seasons of doubts, God reached out to us and showed us that doubts are His ways to deepen our understanding of Him.

We are renewed.

When we failed, made mistakes, messed up our lives, God sent His son to die for our transgression while we were still sinners.

We are forgiven.

When we were lost, losing directions and meanings in life, God before the time began had already designed wonderful plans for each of us.

We are to live purposefully.

When we were drowning in sorrows, sadness and frustrations, God wiped away our tears by His abundant, and unceasing grace.

We are to testify joyfully.

When we were struck by hardship, suffering, and disasters, God promises to never leave us, and to give us courage and strength to face the day.

We are to act hopefully.

So what does it mean to be human?

To be human is to walk on a journey of knowing who we once were, and who we are becoming as God’s redeemed nation.

It is a journey of sanctification. A journey of knowing God.


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